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National Parks

Mt. Chirisan
Mt. Soraksan
Mt. Sobaeksan
Mt. Woraksan
Mt. Chiaksan
Mt. Chuwangsan
Mt. Kyeryongsan
Mt. Songnisan
Mt. Wolchulsan
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Mountains by Province

Kangwon Province
Kyonggi Province
North Chungchong Province
South Chungchong Province
North Kyongsang Province

South Kyongsang Province
North Chonra Province South Chonra Province
Mt. Taebaeksan


Puhkan Mountain

Kalbawi("knife rock") Ridgeline

at the end of this course, a sharp ridge like knives......>>

on the opposite side of Paegunsan( on Paekdudaegan Mountain Range), the highest peak of Honamjongmaek Range

Mt. Changansan

Mt. Changansan, seen from ridgleine
so- called Yongchuisan, a high mountain

Mt. Choksang

Choksang Mountain, a mountain of autumn

Chimabawis(" skirt rocks"), seen from the opening of Sochang course

Chocksang Mountain is a popular mountain. renowned for tinted maples, but still has many visitors after maple seasons...

Paegamsan("white rock mountain") and Ipamsan

Mt. Paegam


Mt. Paegam makes deep impression on those who visits Paegyang Temple and Paegam Mountain by its great precipice, Paekhakbong . >>

Pukhansan, seen from the Ammun Door, Kasadong

Puksan Mountain

Autumn in Uisangbong Peak, Pukhansan

Pukhansan is the most frequently visited mountain, of "Mountains of Korea".

aan excellent scenery of magnificnet rocky mountain../font>

Mt. Munhyongautumn in Mt. Munhyong

late autumn in Mt. Munhyong

Autumn is also beatiful in near mountains

Soraksan National Park

autumn of Hwancholbong Peak, Sorak Mountain

a sublime view of Sorak Mountain

the most sublime view of Sorak Mountain >>

odour of seasons

What kind of mountain is Chiri?

from the introduction of "Chirisan", by "Mountains of Korea"

Panyabong Peak - Shimwon Valley, Chiri Mountain

"The main mountain ridge of Korea starts from the Paekdu Mountain in the Nothern boundary of the Korean peninsula and it ends at Mt Chiri in the Southern part of the peninsula. It is possible to say that almost all of the famous Korean mountains are merely peaks of the Paekdudaegan ridge. The ridge make natural divide. Big rivers of Korea including Yalu, Han river rise from west mountainside of the ridge. Chiri Mountain is the highest mountain in the Southern part of Korea except Hanra Mountain, Cheju Island . Koreans have fond of Chiri very much. >>

Chondung Mountain

autumn in Chondung Mountain

fluttering cosmoses in the way in Chondungsan.... September 12.

. >>

Yumyong Valley in early winter
© Mountains of Korea

s >>

Mt. Suribong, Yangpyong
Mt. Suribong, Yangpyong


map (Hwangcholbong-Madungryong Pass)

the Tong River
The Tong River flows.

Orayon, a masterpiece of the Han River. >>

Forum, Chirisan

your travelogues, Q&A.

Imagemap of Provinces and National Parks

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